Property Tax- EDMC Property Tax Online Payment 2020-21 | Know About East Delhi Municipal Corporation Property Tax

East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) Property Tax

EDMC Property Tax Online Payment 2020-21

Property tax is the annual amount that a land or property owner pays to the local government or municipal institution in his/ her area. The amount of tax rate depends on the area, constriction state, size of the property, building, etc.

The amount collected through property tax is mainly used for public services such as road repair, electricity service, gas, water, communication service and so on.

In Delhi, property tax is collected by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). Delhi The government has given this authority and responsibility to MCD. Every property owner will have to pay tax within the deadline given by the MCD.

MCD is divided into three-part, North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC), South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) and East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC).

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Let’s begin with EDMC property tax.

What is EDMC property tax?

The municipal authority is responsible for maintaining the city's basic civil service. Property tax is levied on homes and properties, which are the main source of income for MCD or for every municipal corporation.

EDMC stands for East Delhi Municipal Corporation. Individuals in East Delhi are obligated to pay the property tax to EDMC. The government has given the power to collect property tax from the property owners.

EDMC is split into two zones Shahdara South and Shahdara North. Also, these zones are further divided into wards and colonies.

List of liable areas for East Delhi Municipal Corporation(EDMC):




Shahdara South

Trilokpuri East, Dallupura, Mayur Vihar Phase, Kondli, Shakarpur, Mandawali

Ghazipur Dairy Farm, Nanakpura Shakarpur, Usha Enclave, Societies, Shashi Garden

Shahdara North

Babar Pur, Usmanpur, Yamuna Vihar, Maujpur, Karawal Nagar East

Arvind Nagar, Shastri Park (Seelampur), Gautampuri (Jaffrabad), Kardampuri, Mustafabad

All these areas come under the EDMC(East Delhi Municipal Corporation).

How to pay EDMC Property Tax Online and Offline?

Individual can pay property tax either online or offline, as per their convenience. Paying tax is the responsibility of every property owner before the deadline.

Offline mode:

If taxpayers want to pay tax offline then they can directly visit the ITZ centers in East Delhi. They can make payments through cash, cheque, card, etc.

Online Mode:

Individuals can pay property tax online while sitting at home. For making online payments taxpayers have two options, they can pay tax through a website or application.

EDMC Property Tax Online payment through the website:

·         Visit EDMC official site http://mcdonline.gov.in/tri/edmc_mcdportal/

·         Click on online service

·         Click on signup/ sign in

·         After login, taxpayers or users will find to pay EDMC property tax option.

·         Fill your property details, then click on submit button

·         When EDMC tax payment is done, users can click on the ‘Generate Chalan’ option.

How to Pay EDMC Property Tax through the application?

South Delhi Municipal Corporation recently launched a mobile application for paying property tax online. This application is launched for all three municipal corporations.

For installing this application:

·         First, visit the website https://mcdonline.nic.in/

·         After that click on online service.

·         Then on the home page, click on the mobile application

·         Click on manual under support

·         Check the details, process, and install the application

By following these simple steps taxpayers can make their property tax payments before the deadline.

How to calculate EDMC Property Tax?

Taxpayers can calculate their annual property tax on their own. If taxpayers are making payments through the website, then it will automatically compute the tax.

Calculation of property tax is easy when you follow the below formula.

The formula of Property tax calculation:

Property tax = (Annual Value × Rate of tax)

For computing property tax value, we need to first calculate the annual value. The below formula can be used for this purpose:

Unit area value per square meter × Unit area of property × Age factor × Use factor × Structure factor × Occupancy factor.

By using this simple formula, anyone can calculate their property tax value. This formula is applicable for all the three-municipal corporations.

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