10+ Easy Rangoli Designs For Home | Latest & Unique Designs

Simple Yet Stunning: Easy Rangoli Designs for Beginners

    1. Simple Square Rangoli Design

    Simple Square Rangoli Design

    If you are looking for easy rangoli ideas for home, then a square rangoli design will be an excellent choice. You can easily make this design by using rangoli powders, flowers, etc.

    You can elevate the look of the square rangoli design by adding diyas or candles. If you are a beginner, you can easily make this rangoli pattern.

    To create a square rangoli design, you can start by drawing a square outline on the floor using chalk or rangoli powder.

    After this, you can add smaller geometric patterns or motifs, such as lines, dots, or floral shapes. The design can be further decorated with vibrant rangoli colors to enhance its visual appeal. Follow this simple rangoli design to make your occasion or festival memorable.

    2. Round Rangoli Design

    Round Rangoli Design

    If you are looking for easy rangoli designs for home, you can opt for a round rangoli design. The main features of it are that even a beginner can attempt this simple rangoli design by using basic materials and tools.

    This round rangoli design will decorate your floor during festivals and celebrations. You can start making a circular rangoli design by creating a circular outline on the floor using chalk or rangoli powder.

    After making the outline, you can add intricate patterns, motifs, and designs within the circle to make the rangoli design more attractive. These patterns may include floral motifs, peacock feathers, religious symbols, or abstract designs.

    3. Geometric Rangoli Design: Unique Rangoli Designs

    Geometric Rangoli Design

    Are you looking for simple rangoli designs for home? If yes, then a geometric rangoli design is for you! This easy rangoli pattern can be made by creating different shapes.

    The main highlight of geometric rangoli design is its modern aesthetic and versatility. You can add more creativity to a unique rangoli design by adding unique shapes and filling it with different rangoli colors.

    You can use this simple geometric rangoli design at festivals, occasions, or any special events; it will mesmerize your guests and be a focal point.

    4. Welcome Rangoli Design: Easy Rangoli Designs

    Welcome Rangoli Design

    Creating a welcome rangoli design on festivals or special occasions is common. By creating this simple rangoli design, it creates a welcoming gesture and gives off inviting vibes. It is generally created at the home entrance.

    Beyond its decorative appeal, a welcome rangoli design represents cultural significance, signifying the host's respect and goodwill towards their guests.

    5. Ganpati Rangoli Design: Rangoli Design for Diwali

    Ganpati Rangoli Design

    In Hinduism, before starting any work, we take the blessings of Lord Ganpati. As rangoli is created on auspicious occasions, the Ganpati rangoli design is a must-have.

    If you are looking for rangoli designs for Diwali, then this will be an excellent choice. You can also create Ganpati rangoli designs on Ganesh Chaturthi to welcome Lord Ganesha into homes.

    This simple rangoli design for home serves as a beautiful expression of devotion and respect towards Lord Ganesha, inviting his blessings and auspiciousness into the home.

    6. Swastik Design Rangoli: Rangoli Design Simple

    Swastik Design Rangoli

    The most common and easy rangoli design is a swastik design. If you are a beginner, you can easily create this simple rangoli design for your home.

    This auspicious symbol represents good luck, prosperity, etc. It holds deep cultural and religious significance in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and other ancient traditions.

    You can create this Swastik rangoli design for Diwali or any other festival as a symbol of good fortune and blessings. It is believed that the Swastik symbol invites positive energy into the surroundings, removes evil spirits, and brings prosperity and happiness to the home.

    7. Simple rangoli designs for home with dots

    Simple rangoli designs for home with dots

    If you are looking for easy rangoli designs for home, you can create a simple rangoli design with dots. If you are a beginner and want to create an attractive rangoli pattern, then this will be a perfect idea.

    The beauty of a simple rangoli design with dots lies in its simplicity and versatility. You can experiment with different dot arrangements, spacing, and patterns to create unique compositions that suit their preferences and the occasion at hand.

    8. Flower Rangoli Design: Easy Rangoli Designs

    Flower Rangoli Design

    A flower is an important decorative item at any festival or auspicious occasion. If you want to create a flower rangoli design, you can use different flowers like marigold, roses, jasmine, lotuses, etc.

    A flower rangoli design will not only have a visual appeal but also a good aroma. Beyond their decorative purpose, flower rangoli hold cultural and spiritual significance in Indian tradition. They are believed to invoke blessings from the divine and bring prosperity, happiness, and auspiciousness to homes and gatherings.

    9. Easy Laxmi Pair Rangoli - Simple Rangoli Design 

    Easy Laxmi Pair Rangoli

    Laxmi Pair Rangoli is a traditional Indian art form that pays respect to the Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity, and fortune, Goddess Lakshmi.

    Laxmi Pair Rangoli is a symbolic representation of auspiciousness and abundance, often created during festivals like Diwali, which is dedicated to the worship of Goddess Lakshmi. If you want to create a simple rangoli design for Diwali, then an easy Laxmi Pair Rangoli Design is for you.

    10. Peacock Design Rangoli: Easy Rangoli Pattern

    Peacock Design Rangoli

    A peacock rangoli design is one of the most popular and unique rangoli designs that you can crate on special occasions or festivals at your home entrance that will look auspicious and attractive.

    The Peacock Design Rangoli is not only visually stunning but also holds symbolic significance. In Hindu mythology, the peacock is associated with Saraswati, the goddess of wisdom, as well as with Lord Krishna.

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