Delhi Dehradun Expressway: Route Map, Cost, Completion Date & More

Delhi Dehradun Expressway: All You Need To Know

The Delhi-Dehradun Expressway is a transformative infrastructure project to improve connectivity between Delhi and Dehradun. This massive project is part of the Bharat Mala project and was launched by Nitin Gadkari in February 2021. It is built by NHAI (National Highway Authority of India).

Delhi Dehradun Expressway

Delhi Dehradun Expressway is a 210-kilometer-long expressway that passes through Delhi, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh. The main reason to construct this expressway is to reduce travel time between the two cities to just 2.5 hours, a significant decrease from the current 5-6 hours. 

This six-lane, access-controlled highway begins at the Akshardham Temple in Delhi and passes through key cities in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, including Baghpat, Baraut, Shamli, and Saharanpur. The total cost of the Delhi-Dehradun Expressway is approximately 13,000 Cr*. 

One of the standout features of the expressway is its consideration of environmental preservation. A 20-kilometer stretch through the Rajaji National Park will be elevated, making it Asia's longest elevated wildlife corridor. 

This section ensures minimal disruption to the wildlife habitat while providing a safe passage for animals and vehicles. Additionally, the route includes 14 tunnels and several elevated sections, further enhancing the safety and efficiency of travel.

The expressway also offers various modern amenities and safety features. Wide medians separate traffic lanes, and emergency and rest areas are strategically placed along the route. Toll plazas will manage traffic flow, and multiple entry and exit points ensure convenient access to nearby urban areas.

This expressway will bring several opportunities and economic development around the expressway area. It will improve the connectivity in towns and cities along the route, such as Baghpat and Saharanpur, making them more attractive for residential and commercial investments. 

The Delhi-Dehradun expressway will reduce traffic congestion in Delhi and surrounding areas and promote economic activity by providing faster and more reliable transportation.

    Delhi Dehradun Expressway Route Map PDF

    Delhi Dehradun Expressway Route Map PDF

    Delhi-Dehradun Expressway Status

    Currently, this expressway is in under-construction, stage. It will be completed in December 2024. 

    Delhi Dehradun Expressway Village List

    • Jainpur Mushtakam
    • Nainso Mushtakam
    • Baduli Naya Gaon
    • Rasoolpur Kheri Ahtmal
    • Halgoya Mushtakam
    • Pali
    • Katha
    • Kasmabad Urf Dudhba
    • Hilwari
    • Lohada
    • Alwalpur
    • Acharaj Khera
    • Mukarampur
    • Fugana
    • Rajpur Chhajpur
    •  Biral
    • Kamrudin Nagar
    •  Kedi
    •  Khanpur
    •  Kasampur
    •  Khiyawadi

    Delhi-Dehradun Expressway Entry Exit Points / Phases

    It is a 210km long expressway, providing seamless connectivity between Delhi and Dehradun in just 2.5 hours. This expressway is divided into four phases. Here are the four phases of this expressway:

    Phase 1: Delhi to Baghpat

    Route: The starting point of the Delhi-Dehradun expressway is from Akshardham Temple, Delhi, to the Eastern Peripheral Expressway 

    Key Route: This phase includes major interchanges such as Shastri Park, Khajuri Khas, and the EPE interchange at Khekra in Mandola, Baghpat.

    Features: The project includes several elevated sections and underpasses to facilitate smooth traffic flow and reduce congestion in densely populated areas of Delhi.

    Length: 32km 
    Type: Brownfield 

    Phase 2: Baghpat to Saharanpur Bypass

    Route: The second section starts from the Eastern Peripheral Expressway and goes up to the Saharanpur Bypass. This route is 118km long and will consist of 7 interchanges. 

    Infrastructure: This section features various interchanges and over 60 underpasses to manage local traffic efficiently. It involves upgrading existing roadways and constructing new segments to support the expressway's high-speed design.

    Length: 118km
    Type: Greenfield 

    Phase 3: Saharanpur Bypass to Ganeshpur

    Route: This section will start from the Saharanpur Bypass in Uttar Pradesh and go to Ganeshpur in Uttarakhand.

    Key Features: This phase focuses on improving existing highways and includes developing brownfield projects. It also entails the construction of auxiliary lanes and pedestrian crossings to ensure residents' safety and accessibility.

    Length: 40km
    Type: Brownfield 

    Phase 4: Ganeshpur to Dehradun

    Route: This is the final section of the Delhi-Dehradun Expressway, from Ganeshpur to Dehradun, passing through ecologically sensitive areas like the Rajaji Tiger Reserve and the Shivalik Hills.

    Notable Sections: This phase features the Daat Kali Devi Tunnel and a significant 12-kilometer elevated road designed as a wildlife corridor to minimize environmental impact. It also includes improvements to existing road networks for enhanced connectivity.

    Length: 19.508km  
    Type: Brownfield 

    Key Features Across:

    Wildlife Corridors: This project incorporates Asia's longest elevated wildlife corridor to protect wildlife in the Rajaji National Park.

    Speed and Safety: Designed for a minimum 100 km/h speed with wide medians, emergency lanes, and rest areas for safety and convenience.

    Economic Impact: This expressway will boost real estate and economic development in regions such as Saharanpur, Ganeshpur, and Dehradun, encouraging both residential and commercial growth.

    Delhi Dehradun Expressway Challenges

    Several challenges have arisen during the construction of this expressway. Approx. 25,000 trees have been cut down, leading to protests from environmentalists and NGOs. Apart from this, various trees have been cut in Rajaji National Park, which threatens wildlife. 

    Several PILs have been filed to halt or modify construction practices to minimize environmental damage. This will also affect local communities.

    Another major challenge was acquiring land for such a large-scale project. The process involves negotiating with landowners, resolving disputes, and compensating affected parties, which can lead to delays and increased costs. 

    Delhi-Dehradun Expressway: Impact on Real Estate 

    This expressway will not only reduce distance and travel time but also significantly boost real estate around this expressway.

    After the completion of this Dehradun-Expressway, it will provide smooth connectivity between Delhi and Uttarakhand. Another major benefit of this project is the development that will occur around it.

    Rapid connectivity will attract many developers and builders to build more apartments, plots, and commercial projects around the expressway. It will attract many home buyers and investors to the area, where the expressway is passed for better returns and appreciation.  

    Apart from residential development, several commercial projects will be established around the Delhi-Dehradun expressway route. These projects will include malls, restaurants, IT Parks, hospitals, etc. 

    Delhi-Dehradun expressway will increase property prices from where it will pass, like Delhi, and several towns of Uttar Pradesh like Baghpat, Baraut, and Shamli. Due to the expressway, Dehradun and its surrounding regions will experience a boom in real estate.

    This expressway will also boom in the tourism sector due to its ease of connectivity between Delhi and Dehradun. It will attract numerous people to visit Dehradun during weekends or holidays and enjoy the greenery and mesmerizing views of the hills. This will ultimately bring a boom in the Dehradun real estate sector and nearby locations.


    1. Is Delhi-Dehradun Expressway Open?
    Ans. The complete section of this expressway will be open in December 2024.

    2. How far is Delhi to Dehradun Expressway?
    Ans. This expressway is 210 km long.

    3. What is the speed limit on Delhi-Dehradun Expressway?
    Ans.  The speed limit on the Delhi-Dehradun Expressway is 100 km/hr.

    4. How much Delhi-Dehradun highway cost?
    Ans. The cost of the Delhi-Dehradun highway is 13,000 Cr*.

    5. How long will it take to complete the Delhi-Dehradun Expressway?
    Ans. This expressway will be completed in December 2024

    6. What is the status of Delhi-Dehradun Expressway?
    Ans. Currently, it is in the under-construction stage.

    7. How much time will it take to complete Delhi-Dehradun Expressway?
    Ans. This expressway is almost completed and will be fully operational from December 2024.

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