Sobha City Sector 108 Gurgaon | Sobha City Gurgaon 2/3BHK Luxury Flat On Dwarka Expressway

 Hello Guys, Today in this article I will tell you about SOBHA CITY GURGAON. Sobha Developers launched SOBHA CITY in Sector 108 Dwarka Expressway Gurgaon. In this post, we will cover all details about Sobha City Sector 108 Dwarka Expressway Gurgaon like Sobha City Price, Construction Update, Brochure, Payment Plan, Location Map, and More Details. And I am also covering Sobha City Review. Read it carefully. 

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    Sobha City Sector 108 Gurgaon

    Sobha Developer launched Sobha City in Sector 108 Gurgaon. Sector 108 Gurgaon is located in Dwarka Expressway Belt. Dwarka Expressway is the most trending location in Gurgaon. Sobha City Gurugram offers 2bhk and 3bhk ultra-luxury apartments on Dwarka Expressway. 
    sobha city sector 108 gurgaon

    SOBHA CITY - NCR's best Urban Park Residences is found simply off the Dwarka Expressway in Sector 108, Gurgaon, just a little ways from IGI Airport. Spread more than 39 acres of land bordering land, the undertaking offers 86% open and green regions. 
    SOBHA CITY includes 2BHK and 3BHK premium homes in sizes going from 1381 sq. ft. to 2343 sq. ft. The venture has 2 clubhouses spread over more than 40,000 sq. ft and offers 16+ games and social conveniences including a 90m dia Cricket ground arranged around 8.5 sections of land of the metropolitan park. Over 700+ first-class families have effectively picked SOBHA CITY as their favored home.
    SOBHA CITY Gurgaon is the best choice for those people who are looking for Under Construction or Ready To Move luxury apartments on Dwarka Expressway with high-end amenities. The price is also pocket-friendly in the luxury segment.

    Sobha City 108 Quick Details 

    Project Name

    Sobha City

    Developer Name

    Sobha Developers


    Sector 108, Gurgaon

    Unit Type

    2BHK & 3BHK (1728 Tota Units)

    Apartment Size


    Project Type

    Ultra Luxury Residential Projects 


    115 OF 2017 

    Total Towers

    22 Towers

    Starting Price

    1.4 Cr*

    Current Status

    Under Construction/ Ready To Move 

    Sobha City Complete Rera Info 

    • 86 OF 2017 DATED 23.08.2017
    • GGM/280/2018/12 DATED 27.07.2018
    • 115 OF 2017 DATED 28.08.2017
    • GGM/410/142/2020/26 DATED 21.09.2020
    • GGM/318/50/2019/12 DATED 25.02.2019
    • GGM/340/72/2019/34 DATED 27.05.2019

    About Sobha Developers 

    SOBHA encapsulates "enthusiasm at work" in its entirety. For us it isn't just an expression that sounds perfectly, rather we as a whole endeavor to live it day by day. It fills in as our compass which guides us towards making top-notch quality items and workmanship. It guides us to be straightforward in the entirety of our dealings and stick to conveyance on schedule, each time.

    We draw vigorously from the inborn characteristics of our originator, Mr. PNC Menon in guzzling and really living the brand. Basically, this implies that we don't compromise towards making top-tier items. Our work rotates around making 'quality' with colossal energy like Mr. Menon himself - the developer expert, who reformed the manner in which individuals see the quality in the realty area.


    In reverse coordination is the thing that drives the association's turnkey projects. In a turnkey situation, we bring the skill of every one of our divisions to zero in on each and every part of an undertaking. All in all, everything from accurate designing to tasteful plans and from quality metal coating to fashionable insides is done in-house. This takes into account severe control on quality, which thusly provides our clients with a fine blend of accuracy and style. The Infosys focuses in Bangalore, Mysore and a few different urban areas are fine instances of our skill in turnkey development.

    Sobha City Gurgaon Review

    Sobha City Gurgaon Review First

    Sobha City Gurgaon Review Second

    Sobha City Gurgaon Review

    Sobha City Gurgaon Review

    Sobha City Key Features

    • 90m diameter cricket ground
    • (20:20:60) - Subvention Payment Plan.
    • Proposed metro line to pass right in front of the site
    • Two clubhouses spread across 40,000 sq.ft
    • Resort-style lakelet swimming pool
    • 1 km long vehicle free trail for wa1lking and biking
    • Fully Air- Conditioned Apartments
    • 90% open green area
    • Imported Marble Flooring in Living Dining Room
    • 2 Fully equipped gymnasium, sauna, and yoga
    • Direct access from Dwarka expressway
    • Two multipurpose halls, and a dedicated camping zone

    Specification of Sobha City 108 

    Living in Sobha City Gurgaon accompanies many advantages that other private networks in Gurgaon have needed. The absolute best are:-
    • 16+ games and social conveniences
    • 86% open and green regions
    • 2 clubhouses spread north of 40,000 sq. Ft
    • 8.5 sections of land of a metropolitan park
    • 700+ world-class families have effectively picked Sobha City Sector 108
    • 1.25 sections of land of party grass and committed setting up a campground
    • 0.6 Acres of resort-style lakelet with an island deck and baby's pool
    • Encircled by Delhi's Reserved Greens on different sides
    • 500m facade on a functional 75m street
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    Sobha City Gurgaon Location Benefits

    Sector 108 Gurgaon is probably the best area on Dwarka Expressway. For people who add a flash to their lives with comfort and network, it's the territory to be. Right from the Delhi global air terminal and medical clinics to elite inns and shopping centers, everything is at only a couple of moments from Sobha City Gurgaon. IT Parks, business center points, instructive organizations, and so on and the locale have it.
    • Very much connected to Dwarka Expressway Gurgaon.
    • Gurgaon Central Business District - 20 Minutes
    • Railroad Station - 7 Kms
    • Associated with Delhi Through 75 Mtrs Wide Road: Fully Functional
    • 10 km From Indra Gandhi International Airport
    • Gurgaon Central Business District - 20 Minutes
    • Gurgaon ISBT - 15 Km Approx
    • South Delhi - 25 Minutes

    Sobha City Gurgaon Price List & Payment Plan

    Sobha City Gurgaon Price and Payment Plan

    Location Map of Sobha City Gurgaon 

    Sobha City Gurgaon Location Map

    Sobha City Gurgaon Master Plan

    sobha city gurgaon master plan

    WHY? You Should Buy or Invest in Sobha City Sector 108 Gurgaon.

    Sobha City is a High-End Residential Project by the Renowned Sobha Group in Sector-108 Dwarka Expressway Gurgaon. Here, Sobha Presents the Lavish 2 and 3 BHK Apartments with the scope of sizes beginning from 1381 to 2343 Sq. Ft. It is spread over an area of 39 Acres. 
    Here, you will get every one of the Luxury Amenities like Exclusive Clubhouse, Swimming Pool, Gyms, Abundant Parking Space, Kids Play Area, Big Cricket Stadium, Meditation Center thus numerous different Amenities for your Luxury Lifestyle.
     Sobha City Gurgaon has around a 20-minute drive from IGI Airport thus numerous other Location benefits. It has over 80% Open Green Area which adds to a sound and Fresh Environment. It contains around 1728 Apartments on the 22 Towers. 
    This Premium Residential Project has just 4 lofts on 1 Floor so as not to be packed. Sobha City guarantees you more protection by not interfacing any Common Wall between the Apartments. 
    This is a sort of Luxury Residential Project which everybody is longing for and It's the ideal opportunity for you to satisfy your Dream in the Sobha City Apartments. 
    In this way, Don't hang tight for additional. Get your Dream Home in Sobha City Sector-108 Gurgaon.

    Floor Plan of Sobha City 108 Gurgaon 

    sobha city gurgaon 2bhk floor plan
    Sobha city 2bhk floor plan
    sobha city gurgaon 3bhk Type b floor plan
    Sobha city 3bhk Type-B floor plan
    sobha city gurgaon 3bhk Type c floor plan
    Sobha city 3bhk Type-C floor plan
    sobha city gurgaon 3bhk Type d floor plan
    Sobha city 3bhk Type-D floor plan
    sobha city gurgaon 3bhk Type e floor plan
    Sobha city 3bhk Type-E floor plan

    E-Brochure of Sobha City Gurgaon 

    Sobha Developers Public Review

    sobha developers review

    sobha developers review 2

    sobha developers review 3

    Sobha City Gurgaon Construction Update

    Sobha City Gurgaon Construction Update Club House

    Sobha City Gurgaon Construction Update- Tower A1

    Sobha City Gurgaon Construction Update Tower A2

    Sobha City Gurgaon Construction Update TOWER B1

    Sobha City Gurgaon Construction Update Tower B2

    Sobha City Gurgaon Construction Update Tower B3

    Sobha City Gurgaon Construction Update Tower C1

    Sobha City Gurgaon Construction Update Tower C2

    Sobha City Gurgaon Construction Update Tower C3

    Sobha City Gurgaon Construction Update Cricket Ground

    Sobha City Gurgaon Construction Update EWS

    Sobha City Gurgaon Construction Update STP

    Sobha City Gurgaon Sample Flat

    Sobha City 108 Sample Flat-1

    Sobha City 108 Sample Flat-2

    Sobha City 108 Sample Flat-3

    Sobha City 108 Sample Flat-4

    Sobha City 108 Sample Flat-5

    Sobha City 108 Sample Flat-6

    Sobha City 108 Sample Flat-7

    Sobha City 108 Sample Flat-8

    Sobha City 108 Sample Flat-9

    Sobha City 108 Sample Flat-10

    Reasons Behind Sobha Developer's Logo

    Sobha Developers logo has been planned nicely to such an extent that it catches and radiates every one of the intrinsic components of positive thinking, energy, balance, flawlessness, enthusiasm, utilization of innovation, or more all character that our organization represents. 
    Sobha Developers' logo represents the organization's credits and invests us with an unmistakable visual picture that is near the standards of the Golden Rectangle, said to be stylish from the Pythagorean period.
    A brilliant square shape is one whose side lengths are in the brilliant proportion, which is 1: Φ (the Greek letter phi), where Φ is around 1.618. Without a doubt, it addresses most noteworthy flawlessness and precision.
    Assuming one glance at the components of our logo, it is obviously clear that the rectangular logo extents address 'Equilibrium'. The yellow foundation implies 'Energy and Optimism'. The dark dabs address best-in-class innovation utilized to accomplish 'Progress' lastly, the red spot is representative of being 'Promising' and addresses the 'Apex of Success'.
    Through reliable utilization of our image character, we express our natural characteristics completely and make a significant Group picture. This without a doubt, upgrades our corporate profile among all our inside and outside partners consistently.
    Sobha Developers logo in this way addresses the actual soul of our corporate element and signs the normal qualities and convictions that direct our conduct and the way we behave. It imparts a feeling of monstrous pride, solidarity, and belongingness in every one of our 10,000 tough individuals inside the folds of the Group. Sobha Developers logo is our character to the world outside.

    FAQ About Sobha City Gurgaon 

    QUESTION 1- Is Sobha City Gurgaon a good investment?

    Answer: Yes, because Sobha City has top-notch amenities with high-end construction quality. One more thing is its price. Sobha City Gurgaon Price is pocket-friendly in the ultra-luxury segment.

    Question 2- What is Sobha City Starting Price?

    Answer: Sobha City Gurgaon starting at 1.4 Cr*.

    Question 3- What do You Mean by Sobha City?

    Answer: Sobha City is a luxury residential project in sector 108 Dwarka expressway Gurgaon. Sobha City is spread over 39 acres of land.

    Sobha Developers NCR Office Address & Contact Info

    5th Floor, Rider House,
    Plot No. 136 - p, Sector - 44,
    Gurgaon - 122003, Haryana
    Tel: 9205858558

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