Jewar Airport Noida | Location, Completion Date & Current Status

Jewar Airport Noida: All You Need To Know

    Jewar Airport Noida: Overview  

    Jewar Airport, officially known as Noida International Airport, is set to transform India's aviation landscape. Construction began in June 2022, and it is owned by NIAL (Noida International Airport Limited) and operated by YIAPL (Yamuna International Airport Private Limited). 

    Jewar International Airport

    Noida International Airport is designed to reduce the air traffic burden on Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport and support the National Capital Region's growth. With its strategic location approximately 80 km from Delhi, the airport aims to enhance connectivity for millions of travelers. 

    Jewar Airport Noida is located in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The Greater Noida authority, the Noida authority, the Yamuna Expressway authority, and the Uttar Pradesh government own it. The total cost of this international airport is approximately 29,650 Cr*

    The airport has state-of-the-art infrastructure, including modern terminals, advanced runways, and world-class passenger amenities. Jewar International Airport is spread over 7200 acres of land. There will be four terminals with world-class architecture and facilities. 

    It is designed to be one of the largest airports globally, with plans for six runways and a capacity to handle up to 100 million passengers annually in its final phase. Sustainability is a key focus of initiatives like solar power usage, efficient waste management, and eco-friendly construction practices.

    It is expected to be a major economic catalyst, generating significant employment opportunities and boosting local businesses. Enhanced connectivity through road, rail, and metro links will make it easily accessible from various parts of the region. 

    The completion of Jewar Airport Noida is scheduled for December 2024. It is poised to become a vital hub for domestic and international travel, significantly contributing to India's economic and infrastructural development.

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    Jewar International Airport: Facts



    Jewar Airport Location

    Jewar, Gautam Buddha Nagar, U.P, India

    Jewar Airport Opening Date

    December 2024

    Operated By

    YIAPL (Yamuna International Airport Private Limited)

    Airport Status 


    Jewar Airport Cost

    ₹29.650 Crore

    No. of Terminals


    No. of Runways 


    Runway Length


    Airport Area

    1334 hectares

    Jewar Airport Code


    Jewar Airport Location Map

    Jewar Airport Location Map

    Noida International Airport (Jewar Airport) Master Plan

    Noida International Airport Master Plan

    Is Jewar good for investment?

    Investing in Jewar, especially with the upcoming Noida International Airport, is an excellent opportunity for residential and commercial real estate. 

    The airport is set to drastically improve infrastructure, with new roads, expressways, and metro links enhancing connectivity and accessibility. This infrastructural boost is expected to make Jewar an attractive destination for investors, businesses, and residents.

    The airport will act as a significant economic driver, creating numerous job opportunities and attracting businesses, hotels, and retail outlets. 

    This influx is anticipated to increase demand for real estate, leading to higher property values. For residential investors, the growing need for housing among airport staff, business employees, and service providers offers a promising market.

    Commercial real estate also stands to benefit, with opportunities in office spaces, retail outlets, and warehouses due to the projected rise in business activities around the airport. Additionally, the strong government support for the airport project ensures timely completion and continuous development, adding a layer of security to investments.

    Overall, Jewar International Airport's strategic location, combined with planned infrastructure and economic growth, makes it a promising investment destination. 

    This location is going to be a major economic and logistical hub in the coming years, so investing in it can give you higher returns. If you are looking to invest in Jewar, it will be a perfect opportunity for investors and businesses. 

    Noida International Airport Address 

    The address of Jewar International Airport is Jewar, Gautam Buddha Nagar, U.P, India. 

    What is the specialty of Jewar Airport?

    Officially known as Noida International Airport, it stands out for several key reasons that make it a significant infrastructure project in India. Here are the best specialties of this airport. 
    • Strategic Location and Connectivity: Located approximately 80 kilometers from Delhi, Jewar Airport is set to significantly enhance connectivity for the Delhi NCR region, Noida, and Western Uttar Pradesh. It aims to reduce congestion at the IGI Airport in Delhi and provide domestic and international travelers an alternative.
    • State-of-the-Art Infrastructure: The airport is being developed, focusing on modern infrastructure and cutting-edge technology. This includes efficient terminal designs, advanced baggage handling systems, and comprehensive digital services to ensure a seamless passenger experience. The design incorporates Swiss efficiency, promising high operational standards. 
    • Environmental Sustainability: Noida International Airport is committed to minimizing its environmental impact. The project includes sustainable practices such as energy-efficient buildings, extensive green spaces, and water conservation measures. The goal is to achieve carbon-neutral operations over time. 
    • Economic and Regional Development: The airport has the potential to bring economic growth to the region. It will create numerous job opportunities during and after construction. It will boost local businesses, tourism, and real estate development. The associated infrastructure development will also benefit surrounding areas.
    • Large Capacity and Future Expansion: Initially designed to handle up to 12 million passengers annually in its first phase, Jewar Airport has the potential to expand significantly. The project covers 5,000 hectares, allowing for future phases to increase its capacity and facilities to meet growing demand. 
    • Commercial and Cargo Hub: The airport will serve passenger flights and be designed as a central cargo hub. This includes a multi-modal cargo hub developed in collaboration with Air India SATS (AISATS), facilitating efficient cargo handling and logistics operations. 

    Jewar Airport Distance From Major Cities near Delhi NCR


    Distance (km)







    IGI Airport








    Pari Chowk, Greater Noida




    Jewar Airport Connectivity

    This international airport has been planned to be connected to multiple highways, such as the Ghaziabad-Aligarh Expressway, the Eastern peripheral expressway, Yamuna Expressway, and the Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut Expressway.  
    • As per the report, the NHAI plans to connect this airport with the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway via Faridabad. 
    • It will be connected with Noida via the Greater Noida route.
    • There are plans to extend the Delhi Metro's Aqua Line to the airport, significantly reducing travel time from various parts of NCR. 
    • Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority has planned to build two new expressways, India's first Pod taxi service to link Jewar International Airport with Film City.
    • YEIDA plans to construct a rail link connecting Noida International Airport to Bulandshahr.   
    • According to reports, the Uttar Pradesh Government is planning to connect this airport with Delhi via a monorail project. 


    1. Who is the CEO of Noida International Airport?
    Ans. The CEO of Noida International Airport is Christoph Schnellmann.

    2. Which company built Jewar Airport?
    Ans. Jewar airport is built by Tata Projects. 

    3. What is the real name of Jewar Airport?
    Ans. The real name of Jewar Airport is Noida International Airport.

    4. Which villages are acquired in Jewar Airport?
    Ans. Five villages are acquired in Jewar Airport: Ranhera, Kishorpur,  Parohi, Rohi, and  Dayanatpur. 

    5. What is the area of Jewar International Airport in Acre?
    Ans. The total area of Jewar International Airport in Acre is 7200 acres. 

    6. Who is the owner of Jewar Airport?
    Ans. This Airport is owned by the greater Noida authority, the Noida authority, the  Yamuna expressway authority, and the Uttar Pradesh government. 

    7. What is the total cost of Noida airport?
    Ans. The estimated total cost of Noida airport is approx. ₹29,650e. 

    8. What is the status of Jewar International Airport?
    Ans. Curretly it is in under-construction stage. 

    9. What is the ICAO code for Jewar airport?
    Ans. The ICAO code for Jewar airport is VIND. 

    10. What is the full form of DXN code?
    Ans.  The D signifies Delhi and N signifies Noida.  

    11. What is the pin code of jewar airport
    Ans. The pin code of jewar airport is 203155. 

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