Top Reasons to Invest in Dwarka Expressway - Read Before Investment

Unveiling the Potential: Top Reasons to Invest in Dwarka Expressway Property 

Should I buy the Dwarka Expressway Gurgaon property or not? Do you need clarification on whether you should buy a property on Dwarka Expressway? In this blog post, we will explore the top reasons to invest in Dwarka Expressway, which stands out as an attractive destination in Gurgaon. 

reasons to invest in dwarka expressway

Over the recent years, there has been a massive demand for residences at Dwarka expressway; there are several reasons behind this enormous demand, such as it is near to Delhi, several upcoming projects in the vicinity like Metro, Diplomatic Enclave II, Delhi’s Largest Transportation Hub, and much more. So, let us start this blog. 

Best Reasons To Invest in Dwarka Expressway 

    1. Location 

    Dwarka Expressway boasts a strategic location that connects Dwarka in Delhi with Gurgaon seamlessly. This facilitates smoother commuting and opens up avenues for business and leisure. The proximity to the international airport further enhances the region's accessibility, making it an ideal choice for those who value convenience.

    This expressway allows rapid connectivity between Delhi and Gurgaon. After its completion, it will save lots of time and fuel. It is parallel to NH-8, allowing seamless travelling between Delhi and Gurgaon. 

    There are several upcoming big projects in the surrounding area, like Metro, Diplomatic Enclave II, Asia’s largest convention Centre, and Delhi’s largest Transportation Hub. Near this location is a proposed SEZ (Special Economic Zone). Location is the most prominent reason to invest in Dwarka Expressway

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    2. Robust Connectivity 

    One of the significant reasons to invest in Dwarka Expressway Property is its connectivity. This location has robust connectivity to all the major business hubs and roads. It is well-connected to NH-8, Southern Peripheral Road via Central Peripheral Road and Golf Course Road Extension. 

    Dwarka Expressway directly connects Old Gurgaon via Pataudi Road. Also, there is an upcoming Metro and global city in the vicinity. It is a 22 km drive to IGI Airport, New Delhi and 3km from Gurgaon Railway Station. Although Dwarka Expressway is under construction, after its completion, it will decongest the traffic on NH-8 and allow seamless travel between Delhi and other parts of NCR. 

    3. Infrastructure Development & Social Infrastructure 

    One of the reasons for the difficulty of investing in the Dwarka Expressway is the ongoing and planned infrastructure. The government’s commitment to enhancing connectivity is reflected in projects such as metro expansion, road widening and development of public recreation, among others.

    The social infrastructure near the Dwarka expressway is well-developed; there are various schools, healthcare facilities, hotels, and malls in the surrounding area, which is the best reason to invest in the Dwarka expressway. Here are some social amenities near the Dwarka expressway: 

    Schools: Delhi Public School, RPS Public School, Basant Valley Schools, Saint Paul School, Bharat Ram Global School, MDS Public School, etc. 

    Hospitals: Genesis Hospital, Aditya Hospital, Aarvy Superspeciality Hospital, Aditya Hospital, Shri Krishna Hospital etc. 

    Hotels: Holiday Inn Gurgaon, Hotel Elite Oak, Aapno Ghar Hotel and Resort, Hyatt Regency Gurgaon, Hotel Gazzle Inn, Gurgaon etc. 

    4. Emerging Business Districts

    The Dwarka Expressway is near Gurgaon's upcoming commercial district and shopping malls. It is close to Cyber ​​City and Udyog Vihar in Gurgaon. As the corporate environment improves, the region becomes a prime destination for professionals seeking well-connected and convenient accommodation. 

    This location near offices adds value to investing in property near Dwarka Expressway. After the completion of this expressway, it will attract many IT/IT companies because of the favourable location, connectivity, and developed social infrastructure. 

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    5. Appreciation Potential 

    residential properties appreciation in dwarka expressway

    In recent years, this expressway has become one of the favourite destinations to invest in. Over 3 to 5 years, Dwarka Expressway is highly appreciated. It will be a perfect destination for investors who wish to finance for about 3-5 years of horizon. 

    Due to multiple housing options, growing infrastructure, proximity to IGI Airport, commercial hubs, Schools, hospitals, malls, and upcoming developments, this location has become one of the most demanding locations in Delhi-NCR, attracting many developers and builders. As a result, we can see massive growth in property prices. 

    The expressway is near growing sectors like Sector 106, Sector 111, Sector 112, Sector 113, and 114. Therefore, investing in this location might be a game changer for you. Also, it is planned to develop sectors 100 and 101, which will be used for public utilities and other public infrastructure. 

    Investors and home buyers love the rise in property prices on the Dwarka Expressway. The strategic location between the convenience and accessibility of urban amenities contributes to the area’s appeal. As metro lines expand and high-speed roads become operational, the connectivity factor is expected to increase demand, increasing property values.

    As per the reports, residential property prices have witnessed massive growth over the last five years. From April-June 2017 to April-June 2022, property prices show about 40% growth and appreciation. It is one of the significant reasons to invest in Dwarka Expressway. 

    6. Affordable Housing Options 

    Despite being a prime location, Dwarka Expressway offers a range of housing options that cater to diverse budget requirements. From affordable housing projects to premium luxury apartments, the region accommodates the needs of a broad spectrum of homebuyers. This affordability factor and the anticipated growth make it an opportune time to invest.

    7. Builder Credibility 

    The credibility of builders and developers plays a pivotal role in real estate investment. Dwarka Expressway has witnessed the involvement of reputed builders with a track record of successful projects. Investing in properties developed by renowned builders ensures quality construction and provides investors with security.

    Several reputed developers on this expressway, like M3M, Elan, Sobha, Signature Global, etc. To invest near this expressway, you should go with a reputable builder. 

    8. Future Connectivity Plans

    The future holds promising connectivity plans for Dwarka Expressway, including expanding metro lines and developing expressways. These plans not only enhance the region's accessibility but also contribute to its potential as a hub for residential and commercial development.

    9. Rising Property Values 

    Historical trends indicate a steady appreciation in property values along Dwarka Expressway. Investors keen on capitalizing on the potential for growth and gratitude find this region particularly appealing. The evolving landscape and increasing demand contribute to the overall value proposition for property investment.


    1. Is Dwarka Expressway a good investment?
    Ans. The Dwarka expressway is a good investment due to its prime location, robust connectivity, developed social infrastructure, and proximity to IGI Airport, educational institutes, hospitals, malls, etc. Investing in this location might give you higher appreciation.

    2. Why to invest in Dwarka Expressway? 
    Ans. There are several reasons to invest in the Dwarka expressway: its strategic location, appreciation potential, connectivity, developed social infrastructure, affordability, proximity to the Airport, and basic social amenities like schools, hospitals, malls, etc. Also, several upcoming developments in the surrounding area like Metro, Diplomatic Enclave, Global City, etc. 

    3. Which is the best sector of the Dwarka Expressway?
    Ans. The Best Sector of the Dwarka expressway is Sectors 103, 106, 111, 113, and 114. 

    4. Which residential project is the best in Dwarka Expressway?
    Ans. The best residential projects in Dwarka Expressway are MRG Crown, Signature Global Deluxe DXP, Oxirich Chintamanis, ILD Grand 37C, Smart World One DXP, etc. 

    5. Is it worth buying property on Dwarka Expressway?
    Ans. Yes, it is worth buying property in Dwarka Expressway. Because of its location, connectivity, developed social infrastructure, and proximity to major commercial hubs, IGI Airport will give you higher returns. Therefore, it is worth investing in Dwarka expressway Property. 

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