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Converting Hectare to Bigha: Simplifying Land Measurement Conversions

Both bigha and hectare are an important measurement unit. These units are used globally for measurement and in mathematics. Therefore, it's essential to know about hectares and bigha.

convert hectare to bigha

In this blog, we will explore how to convert hectare to bigha, the difference between hectare and bigha, the formula and its examples and more. So, let us start this blog.

    Hectare To Bigha Conversions 



    1 Hectare To Bigha


    2500 Hectare into Bigha


    250 Hectare To Bigha


    4 Hectare into Bigha


    10 Hectare To Bigha


    20 Hectare into Bigha


    30 Hectare into Bigha


    40 Hectare To Bigha


    5 Hectare To Bigha


    How to Convert Hectare To Bigha?

    Both Bigha and Hectare are used in huge amounts in India. These measurement units are mostly used by the people involved in farming. It is very simple to convert a hectare to a bigha.

    If you want to convert hectare to bigha, follow these simple methods
    1 hectare is equal to 3.98

    For example, if a plot size is 30 hectares, and you want to convert it into bigha, the calculation will be:
    1 hectare, equivalent to 3.98 hectares

    30 Hectare = 3.98 X 30
    By doing this simple method, you can calculate any hectare to bigha calculation.

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    Hectare Conversions

    1 Hectare

    3.98 Bigha

    1 Hectare

    0.01 km2

    1 Hectare

    0.0039 mile2

    1 Hectare

    10000 m2

    1 Hectare

    100000000 cm2

    1 Hectare

    11959.8889 yard2

    1 Hectare

    6272640 inches2

    Hectare to Bigha Formula

    Bigha = 3.98 X Hectare

    Examples of Hectare to Bigha Conversions 

    10 Hectare is equals to 10*3.98

    39.8 Bigha

    50 Hectare is equals to 50*3.98

    199 Bigha

    70 Hectare is equals to 70*3.98

    278.6 Bigha

    100 Hectare is equals to 100*3.98

    398 Bigha

    150 Hectare is equals to 150*3.98

    597 Bigha

    1000 Hectare is equals to 1000*3.98

    3980 Bigha

    700 Hectare is equals to 700*3.98

    2786 Bigha

    About Hectare

    A hectare is a unit of area commonly used in land measurement, especially in agriculture and urban planning. It represents 10,000 square meters or one hundred acres.

    This unit is widely used for measuring large tracts of land such as fields, forests, or parks. The hectare provides a convenient scale for assessing land use and productivity, allowing for efficient planning and management.

    It is particularly valuable in agricultural contexts, where it helps farmers determine crop yields, calculate land requirements, and manage farm operations effectively. Additionally, in urban planning, the hectare serves as a fundamental unit for zoning, land development, and infrastructure planning. 

    Its simplicity and scalability make it a versatile tool for various applications, facilitating both precision in measurement and ease of understanding in diverse contexts.

    Hectare Dimensions 

    1 Hectare

    107639 sq ft

    1 Hectare

    10,000 sq m

    1 Hectare

    2.47 acres

    1 Hectare

    11959 sq yd

    1 Hectare

    100000000 sq cm

    About Bigha

    Bigha is an important measurement unit. It is a traditional unit of land measurement commonly used in South Asia, particularly in countries like India, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

    Its size varies widely depending on the region and local customs. Generally, a bigha is larger than an acre but smaller than a hectare. It's often used to measure agricultural land, including fields and farms.
    The exact size of a bigha can differ significantly from one region to another, making it essential to consult local authorities or sources for accurate conversions.

    Despite variations, a bigha typically ranges from a few thousand to tens of thousands of square meters.
    In rural areas, land transactions and agricultural planning often rely on bigha measurements, providing a familiar and practical unit for farmers and landowners.

    Bigha Dimensions 

    1 Bigha

    0.13378050706528 hectare

    1 Bigha

    1011.71410532 m2

    1 Bigha

    25083820.79 cm2

    1 Bigha

    25083820 mm2

    1 Bigha

    3887992.223 inch

    1 Bigha

    0.62 acre

    1 Bigha

    2.30 Guntha

    Difference Between Hectare and Bigha 



    It is a bigger unit than bigha

    It is a smaller units compare to hectare

    The hectare is a standardized unit that is consistent globally, making it easier for calculation

    The size of a bigha can vary significantly from one region to another, and there is no universal standard

    Hectare is used in India, Australia, Canada, and the European Union

    It is mainly used in India, Nepal and Bangladesh


    1. How many bigha in hectare?
    Ans. 1 hectare is equivalent to 3.98 bigha 

    2. How many hectare in bigha?
    Ans. 1 bigha is equivalent to 0.251 hectare 

    3. How many bigha in 100 hectare?
    Ans. 100 hectare is 100*3.98 which is equals to 398 bigha 

    4. How many bigha in 10 hectare?
    Ans. 10 hectare = 10*3.98 which is equals to 39.8 bigha 

    5. How many bigha in 1 hectare?
    Ans. 1 Hectare is equals to 3.98 bigha 

    6. 1 Hectare to Bigha in Uttar Pradesh? 
    Ans. 1 hectare to bigha in Uttar Pradesh is equals to 3.95 bigha. 

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