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Simplify Your Calculations: Square Feet to Gaj Conversion Tips and Tricks 

Both square feet and Gaj are important measurement units. These units are widely used in India and other countries. These units are commonly used in real estate to measure the size of units and plots, land, etc. Therefore, knowing how to convert square feet to Gaj is essential. 

square feet to gaj

This blog will show how many Gajs are in Square Feet. Difference between square feet and gaj and other things. This blog is ultimately for information purposes, so read this blog entirely for more knowledge and information. 

    Square Feet To Gaj Conversions

    Square Feet (sq ft)


    1 square feet to Gaj


    100 square feet to Gaj


    1200 sq ft in Gaj


    2000 square feet in Gaj


    900 square feet in Gaj


    1500 square feet in Gaj


    1000 square feet in Gaj


    1100 sq ft in Gaj


    800 square feet in Gaj


    400 square feet in Gaj


    500 square feet in Gaj


    450 square feet in Gaj


    600 square feet in Gaj


    700 square feet in Gaj


    5 square feet to Gaj


    6 square feet to Gaj


    10 square feet to Gaj


    15 square feet to Gaj


    20 square feet to Gaj


    Square Feet Dimension

    1 sqft 

    0.11 sq yards

    1 sqft 

    144 sq inches

    1 sqft 


    1 sqft 

    0.0929 square meters

    1 sqft 

    0.0009182736455 Guntha 

    Square Feet 

    A square foot is a measure of the size or dimensions of an area, usually in the case of buildings and structures. It is represented as a square foot and represents the area of ​​a square whose side is one foot. These measurements are widely used in property valuations, floor plans, and land surveys to provide standardized and easily understood location indicators.

    In real estate, the valuation of a property and the market attractiveness play an essential role. More extensive square footage often means more expansive living or working spaces, affecting property values ​​and buyer preferences. When analyzing floor plans or property data, square footage is a valuable metric for measuring the size of all bedrooms, living rooms, and outdoor spaces. 

    Architects widely use this unit and interior designers to plan and divide space efficiently and maintain efficiency and aesthetics in homes, offices, and various structures. Whether designing a luxury home or commercial property width diagrams, Understanding square feet In the world of architecture and real estate Provides a primary basis for conceptualizing, designing and testing spaces.

    About Gaj

    "Gaj" is a traditional unit of measurement widely used in South Asia, particularly in countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Also known as "square yard" in English, one gaj equals approximately nine square feet. This unit is commonly used in real estate and land transactions as a practical means to quantify the size of plots, homes, or agricultural fields.

    In the context of residential or commercial properties, using gaj helps individuals understand the spatial extent of a piece of land. It plays a crucial role in real estate dealings, as buyers, sellers, and builders often refer to gaj measurements to assess property value and make informed decisions. Additionally, it aids in urban planning and development, allowing for precise delineation of land parcels.

    The term "gaj" is deeply rooted in South Asia's cultural and historic fabric, passed down through generations. Its usage extends beyond real estate to agricultural practices, providing a familiar metric for farmers to measure land for cultivation.

    Despite the advent of modern measurement systems, the gaj remains a relevant and practical unit, connecting contemporary practices with age-old traditions in land and property assessment.

    Gaj Dimensions

    1 Gaj

    36 inches

    1 Gaj

    9 sq ft

    1 Gaj


    1 Gaj

    3 foot

    1 Gaj

    0.91444 meter

    1 Gaj

    0.0003333305593 bigha 

    Difference Between Square Feet and Gaj

    Square Feet (sq ft)


    This unit is widely used in the United States and many other countries that follow the imperial system of measurements

    Gaj is primarily used in South Asian countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh

    Square Feet is used globally 

    Gaj is mostly used in South Asia 

    Square feet are commonly used in real estate globally for measuring the area of properties, both residential and commercial

    Gaj is common in real estate transactions in South Asian countries, where land may be measured and valued in Gaj.

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