10 Important Vastu Tips For Home To Attract Positivity, Wellness and Money

Best Vastu Tips For Home: Easy Tips for a Positive Home Atmosphere

Are you planning to buy or make a new home? Before doing these, follow these simple Vastu tips for Home. 

Vastu is an ancient Indian science that guides the designing and organizing of living spaces to bring positive energy, prosperity, wellness, and harmony. Vastu Shastra for Home suggests the correct color, directions, shape, and format to ensure positivity, happiness, and health in every corner of your Home. 

In this article, we'll explore the Best Vastu tips for Home that will bring positive energy and prosperity. 

    1. Vastu Tips For Home - Vastu Tips For Home Entrance 

    Vastu tips for Home

    The entrance of your Home is like the smile on its face – it sets the tone for the entire space. In Vastu, the science of creating harmony in living spaces, the entrance holds special significance. 

    1. Direction: As per Vastu Tips For Home, the main entrance of your Home should face north, northeast, or east. These directions are believed to attract positive energy into your Home. Before making or buying your new Home, you should focus on this simple vastu shastra. 

    2. Welcoming Vibes: The main entrance of your Home is not only an entry point but also a place that attracts negative and positive energy and vibes. It would help if you made your entrance warm and inviting. A clean and clutter-free access encourages positive energy to flow freely.

    3. Avoid Obstacles: Firstly, make sure that there are no obstacles like shoes, furniture, or unnecessary items blocking the entrance. This allows energy to enter smoothly. The main entrance door should be clean and obstacle-free, ultimately attracting positive vibes. 

    4. Threshold Decor: A threshold adorned with auspicious symbols or decorations is considered beneficial. It could be as simple as a small artwork or a beautiful doormat.

    5. Cleanliness: As per Vastu Shastra, you should regularly clean and well-maintained the main entrance. A clean, well-kept door attracts positive energy and makes a pleasant first impression.

    By incorporating these simple Vastu for Home, you can create an entrance that looks good, attracts positivity and good energy into your living space, and gives an inviting vibe. 

    2. Vastu Tips For Home - Vastu For Living Room

    Vastu Shastra for Home

    The living room is the heart of your Home, and according to Vastu, it plays a vital role in influencing the overall energy and harmony within your living space. 

    1. Location: As per Vastu, the direction of the living room should be north or east for positive vibrations. This allows the room to capture the beneficial morning sunlight.

    2. Seating Arrangement: Arrange the seating in a way that promotes conversation and connection. A square or rectangular layout is often recommended, allowing for a harmonious energy flow.

    3. Colors: As per Vastu, you should choose neutral and soothing colors like beige, white, or light shades of green and blue. These colors create a calm and positive atmosphere. These cheerful colors give good vibes and create a quiet atmosphere in your Home. 

     4. Furniture Placement: You should place your sofas and chairs against the south and west walls, leaving the center of the room open for free energy movement. But, you make sure that you avoid placing furniture under beams.

    5. Decor Elements: As per Vastu tips for Home, you should place some decorative elements like indoor plants, artwork, or symbols that evoke positivity. A well-decorated living space with personal touches enhances the overall energy of the room. 

    6. Electronic Appliances: You should place electronic items like the LCD, Refrigerators, and Washing Machine in the southeast corner. Make sure the LCD screen is at least a few inches away from the wall to allow energy flow.

    7. Lighting: Natural light is encouraged in the living room. Use curtains that allow sunlight to filter in during the day. Before making or buying a new home, ensure that your living room is placed in the right direction, allowing natural sunlight. 

    Remember, the living room is a place for relaxation, connection, and joy. Following these simple Vastu tips for Home will create a space that looks inviting and resonates with positive energy. 

    3. Vastu For Kitchen - Vastu Shastra For Home

    Vastu tips for Home

    The kitchen is considered a crucial space as it is believed to influence the health and prosperity of the family. Here are some important Vastu tips for the kitchen:

    1. Location of kitchen: As per Vastu Shastra, you should place the kitchen in the Home's southeast corner. This direction is associated with Agni (fire), essential for cooking.

    2. Cooking Position: Ensure that your face faces east or north during cooking. This aligns with the natural direction of the sun and promotes positive energy flow in the kitchen.

    3. Gas Stove Placement: You should place the gas stove in the southeast corner of your kitchen. As per Vastu Shastra, it enhances the element of fire, which is essential for cooking and overall prosperity.

    5. Ventilation: You should make sure there is a proper ventilation system in your kitchen, install windows or an exhaust fan to allow the release of cooking odors, and maintain a fresh, positive environment. It is an important tip that you make sure you have followed this. 

    6. Colors: As per Vastu tips for Home, you should pick bright and uplifting colors for your kitchen, such as yellow or orange. Decorate with fresh flowers or indoor plants to enhance positive energy.

    9. Avoid Toilet Adjacency: Ensure the kitchen is not adjacent to or directly above a toilet before making or buying a new home. Such placements can bring negative energy into the kitchen space. It is a crucial Vastu shastra for your Home. 

    If you want to create and bring positive vibes and good energy to your Home, follow these simple Vastu for Home. Remember, the kitchen is more than just a place to prepare food; it is an essential hub of energy that contributes to your Home's overall harmony and prosperity.

    4. Vastu For Bedroom - Vastu Tips For Home

    Vastu tips for Home

    In Vastu, the bedroom is considered a sanctuary for rest, rejuvenation, and harmonious relationships. Here are simple Vastu tips for bedrooms to create a positive atmosphere. 

    1. Direction: As per Vastu, you should place the bedroom in the southwest or south direction. This is believed to promote stability, ensuring restful sleep and overall well-being.

    2. Bed Placement: You should position the bed so that your head points towards the south or east while sleeping. This aligns with the Earth's magnetic field and is thought to enhance positive energy.

    3. Avoid Mirrors: You should avoid placing mirrors in your bedroom. If you want to put a mirror in your bedroom, ensure they don't directly face the bed, which is believed to disrupt peaceful sleep.

    4. Colors for Bedroom: As per Vastu Shastra, you should choose soothing colors for the bedroom, such as light shades of blue, green, or pastels. These colors contribute to a serene and restful atmosphere.

    5. Clutter-Free Space: Keep the bedroom clutter-free. Remove unnecessary items under the bed and maintain an organized space to allow positive energy to flow freely.

    6. Electronics Items: Avoid or minimize electronic devices in your bedroom, especially near the bed. Keep gadgets away to create a helpful environment for relaxation and sleep.

    7. Natural Light and Ventilation: Allow natural light and fresh air to enter the bedroom during the day. Proper ventilation contributes to a healthy and positive atmosphere.

    The bedroom is a retreat where you recharge your energy for the day ahead. By following these simple Vastu for Home, you can create a space that promotes restful sleep and nurtures positive energy, contributing to your overall health and happiness.

    5. Vastu Tips For Bathroom - Vastu For Home

    Vastu Shastra for Home.

    1. Location: The direction of the bathroom should be in the northwest or southeast corner of the house. Avoid having toilets in the northeast, as it is considered inauspicious.

    2. Toilet Placement: Position the toilet seat facing north or south to align with the Earth's magnetic field. You should avoid having the toilet directly facing east or west. 

    3. Ventilation: It is crucial to have proper ventilation in your bathroom. It is essential to Install windows or an exhaust fan to ensure the release of odors and to maintain a fresh and positive atmosphere.

    4. Colors: As per Vastu Shastra, you should select light and neutral colors for the bathroom. It would help if you opted for light blue, green, or white colors, creating a clean and soothing environment.

    5. Avoid Clutter: Keep the bathroom clutter-free. Dispose of old toiletries, empty bottles, and unnecessary items to maintain a sense of cleanliness and order.

    6. Avoid Leakage: Regularly check for and fix any plumbing issues or leaks. A well-maintained bathroom with no leaks is considered conducive to positive energy. It would help if you always kept your bathroom net clean. 

    If you want to create a positive atmosphere, follow these simple Vastu Shastra for Home. Remember, every corner of your living space plays a role in influencing the overall energy and applying Vastu tips For Home helps create a balanced and positive home environment.

    6. Vastu Tips For Home - Best Vastu Colors For Home 

    Best Vastu Color for Home

    Colors play an essential role in the Home; they help give an excellent look to the Home. Therefore, it is necessary to select the best color for the house. Follow these simple colors for Home as per Vastu to attract positive vibes and enhance the house's look. 

    1. White: As per Vastu Shastra, white symbolizes purity and clarity. It is considered an ideal color for the northeast and west areas. White walls promote a sense of cleanliness and tranquility, making them suitable for bedrooms and living rooms.

    2. Blue: This color represents calmness and serenity. Blue is ideal for the bedroom; this color is believed to create a peaceful atmosphere. Light shades of blue can be applied in the northeast or east regions to enhance positive energy. It would help if you used a light shade of blue in your bedroom, giving a vibrant and inviting atmosphere. 

    3. Green: If you are a nature lover, you should choose a green color. It is associated with growth and balance. Green Color is suitable for rooms in the east or southeast, promoting harmony and a sense of well-being. Indoor plants or green decor elements can bring this color into your living space.

    4. Yellow: It signifies positivity and energy. You can use this color in the southeast or northwest areas, brightening up spaces like the kitchen or living room. It is thought to stimulate creativity and enhance social interactions.

    5. Red: Red symbolizes passion and warmth. While it is a powerful color, it should be used sparingly. Ideal for the south or southwest areas, you also combine red with paint to give vibrant and soothing vibes. 

    7. Pink: This color is associated with love and affection. Suitable for bedrooms, especially for couples, pink is thought to create a nurturing and loving environment. It can be applied in the southwest or northwest.

    9. Purple: It represents luxury and spirituality. Suitable for meditation or prayer rooms, purple can be applied in the northeast or northwest. It is thought to enhance spiritual connections and inner peace. It will be a perfect color for your bedroom, enhancing the look and creating a good atmosphere. 

    7. Vastu Tips For Home - Vastu For Study Room 

    Vastu tips for Study Room

    The study room is where focus, concentration, and learning thrive. According to Vastu Shastra For Home, the arrangement and colors in this room can significantly impact a person's academic performance. Here are some simple and best vastu tips for study room

    1. Direction: According to Vastu, the direction of the study room should be in the northeast or east part of the house. This direction is associated with the positive energies that foster learning and concentration.

    2. Study Table Placement: You should position your study table to face the east, north, or northeast direction. This aligns with the Earth's magnetic field and is believed to enhance the student's focus and understanding.

    3. Avoid Distractions Around the Study Room: Keep the study area clean, well-maintained, and clutter-free. Remove unnecessary items and distractions to create a clean, organized space that encourages concentration.

    4. Appropriate Lighting: Before buying or constructing your house, ensure that the study room has ample natural light during the day. If that's impossible, use bright artificial lighting to create a well-lit environment, contributing to better focus.

    5. Color for Study Room as per Vastu: As per Vastu tips for Home, you should select light and soothing colors for the study room. Shades of green, light blue, and white are recommended, as they are believed to have a calming effect and stimulate concentration.

    8. Bookshelves Placement: As per Vastu Shastra, you should place your bookshelves in the east or north direction. This encourages a positive and productive atmosphere for learning. Keep books neatly organized for easy access.

    9. Comfortable Seating: Before buying furniture for the study room, ensure it is comfortable and of good quality. The chair and table should be at the right height to ensure a relaxed and focused study session.

    10. Use Inspirational Decor: Decorating your study room with educational and inspirational items is essential. Maps, charts, or artwork that promotes learning can contribute positively to the study environment.

    8. Vastu Tips For Home - Best Vastu Tips For Store Room 

    Vastu tips for Home

    Most people focus on something other than vastu for store rooms, but its organization and placement can impact the house's overall energy. Here are simple Vastu tips for storeroom

    1. Location of Store Room: The direction of the storeroom should be in the northwest or south direction of the house. These directions are likely suitable for storage purposes.

    2. Avoid Mess Up: Keep your sturdy room well-organized, clean, and clutter-free. Dispose of items that are no longer needed and unused to allow positive energy to flow freely.

    3. No Electronics: Avoid storing electronic items in the store room because it can disrupt the energy flow, and keeping them in their designated spaces is preferable.

    4. Clean Regularly: As per Vastu Shastra for Home, you should regularly maintain and clean the store room. A clean and well-kept space attracts positive energy and contributes to an organized living environment.

    6. Store Items Wisely: People do not store items wisely and appropriately in most houses, which is wrong. You should always keep your unused items wisely; it will ensure stability. 

    7. Color: Always choose neutral and light colors for the store room. As per the Vastu tips for Home, you can opt for soft shades of white, beige, or pale yellow, which are recommended to create a clean and open feeling.

    8. Avoid Excess Storage: Most people place excessive items in their storeroom, which leads to instability. Only keep necessary and regularly used items to maintain a positive energy balance.

    9. Check for Leaks: As per the Vastu Shastra, you should regularly check for and fix any plumbing issues or leaks in the store room. A well-maintained space with no leaks is considered conducive to positive energy.

    9. Vastu For Home - Best Vastu Plants For Home

    Best Plant As Per Vastu

    Choosing the right plants, according to Vastu, can enhance the positive energy in your Home. Here are some of the best Vastu plants for a Home that give a positive atmosphere and attract prosperity. 

    1. Money Plant: It is one of the popular vastu plants for attracting wealth and prosperity. As per Vastu Shastra, it brings positive energy and good luck into the Home. It would help to place it in the southeast corner of your living room or near the entrance.

    2. Tulsi Plant: You should place a tulsi plant in the northeast or east direction that is believed to bring positive vibrations and harmony into the Home. It is also known for its medicinal properties.

    3. Bamboo Plant: This plant is associated with growth, strength, and good fortune. According to Vastu Tips for Home, placing a bamboo plant in the southeast corner of your Home is believed to attract positive energy and prosperity.

    4. Neem Tree: It is famous for its medicinal properties and is considered auspicious in Vastu. It would help if you placed a neem tree in the northeast direction of the garden because it brings positive energy and prevents negativity.

    5. Aloe Vera: This plant has several healing properties and is widely used in the medicine industry and Ayurveda. The aloe vera plant in Vastu is considered good because it brings good health and positivity into the Home. It would help if you placed it in the northeast or north direction

    6. Jasmine Plant: It is associated with positive energy, love, and romance. It would help if you placed it in the northwest or west direction, which is considered auspicious in Vastu and believed to attract positive relationships.

    10. Vastu Shastra For Home - Designing a New Puja Room

    Vastu tips for Home

    Designing a puja room as per Vastu Shastra is a beautiful way to create a sacred and harmonious space in your Home. Here are some simple Vastu tips for puja room;

    1. Location: As per Vastu, you should place the puja room in the northeast, east, or north direction in your Home. These directions are considered auspicious and attract positive spiritual energies.

    2. Puja Altar: You should set up a dedicated altar or platform to place idols or sacred objects. Make sure it is in the east or west of the puja room, and idols should face either the east or west. 

    3. Placement: Install the main deity's idol or image at the center of the altar. Other gods can be placed around it. You can make sure that the idols are not directly facing each other.

    5. Colors: As per Vastu Shastra, you have to opt for calming and auspicious colors for the puja room. You can use light shades of yellow, white, or light blue, which are recommended, as they enhance the spiritual ambiance.

    6. Avoid Clutter: Keep the puja room clutter-free. Arrange items neatly and avoid storing unrelated objects in this sacred space to maintain a positive energy flow.

    7. Bell and Agarbatti Stand: As per Vastu Shastra for Home, you should place a bell and agarbatti (incense) stand in the puja room. Ringing the bell during prayers removes the negative energy, while agarbatti purifies the air.

    8. Vastu-Friendly Plants: You can use Vastu indoor plants like the money or tulsi plants to enhance positive energy in the puja room.

    9. Lighting: Ensure good natural and artificial lighting in the puja room. Use soft and warm lighting to create a serene atmosphere during prayers.


    1. Which direction is good for main entrance?

    Ans. According to vastu, the main entrance of your Home should face north, northeast, or east directions. 

    2. Which is the best facing house according to Vastu?

    Ans. According to vastu the best facing houses are north and east facing houses, west facing houses, and south facing houses to attract positivity and wellness. 

    3. Which direction is lucky for home?

    Ans. The best directions for home are north, northeast and east direction. 

    4. Which statue is lucky for home?

    Ans. The statues of Laughing Buddha, Money Frog, Ganesha, Tortoise, are considered lucky for home.

    5. Can Vastu change your life?

    Ans. Vastu, an ancient science, aims to create balanced living spaces. While it may positively influence energy flow and mindset, its impact varies. Personal beliefs, choices, and other life factors play key roles. Some people it beneficial, while others may not experience significant changes. It depends on person to person.

    6. What can I keep in my purse to attract money?

    Ans. It depends on individuals' beliefs. To attract money you can keep lucky coin, a dollar bill, citrine crystals, red ribbon etc. 

    7. Which plants are good for positive energy?

    Ans. Tulsi Plant, Neem Tree, Money Plant, Aloe Vera Plant are good for positive energy. 

    8. Which God is good for Vastu?

    Ans. Lord Ganesha, Kuber, Hanuman, Goddess Laxmi, and Goddess Saraswati are good for vastu.

    9. Which statue is good for money?

    Ans. Statues of Lord Kuner and Goddess Laxmi are good for money.

    10. Is house number 3 lucky?

    Ans. In numerology, 3 is considered a good number. It is considered a positive and dynamic number that can bring a lively and optimistic atmosphere.

    11. Which mantra is for luck?

    Ans. Om Namah Shivaya is a powerful mantra for luck as per vastu tips. 

    12. What should be the shape of house according to Vastu?

    Ans. According to Vastu, Rectangle and Square shape is the best shape for a house. 

    13. Is L shaped house good or bad?

    According to Vastu, L shaped houses are good. It gives privacy, proper ventilation and aesthetic appeal.  

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