is it good to buying house ​in Gurgaon? || Buy a house in Gurgaon today for future high returns.


The millennial city of India, Gurgaon or presently known as Gurugram is witnessing a lot of demand in property, mainly residential. Moreover, because of the impending connectivity between Dwarka Expressway, buying a property in Gurugram is on the bucket list of many home investors and buyers.

is it good to buying house ​in Gurgaon?

The soon to become operational infrastructure has allowed for expectations of higher price rates and returns on capital. In addition, as it is known as the “employment hub” in Northern India, Gurugram attracts a qualified, trained workforce from all across India. It has made investors enter the real estate market and invest in attracting rental returns. Besides that, many NRI buyers are also looking for properties in Gurgaon as many renowned developer brands offer quality constructions and excellent building properties. The following reasons explain why living in Gurgaon can be a profitable and intelligent business for you in this era.

Why is Gurgaon considered an ideal location? 

Gurgaon is placed ideally in the neighborhood of the city capital and is beautifully developed across a vast land area of 732 square kilometers. Gurgaon, which has the bases and headquarters of some of the most giant global and national corporations are regarded as the leading industrial powerhouse and an “employment hub” of North India nowadays.


Besides that, the proximity to the Indira Gandhi international airport makes the city particularly favorite from an accessibility point of view among international investors and people trying to shift here for job purposes. Moreover, the strategic location makes traveling easy for employees and clients.

Does Gurgaon have any affordable housing projects? 

A not just commercial establishment, Gurgaon has various luxurious residential developments and ongoing affordable housing projects, making it the new residential HOT SPOT in the Delhi NCR region. In Gurgaon, many residential buildings are under construction, and some have already been built to meet the residential requirements of the workforce.


Also, Gurgaon offers 24/7 connectivity to cities like Dwarka and Faridabad, which makes them easily accessible for the people.

Connectivity to major hubs

In the vicinity of the capital region Delhi, Gurgaon is an excellent way to invest as it provides excellent connectivity to major hubs. Whether it is South Delhi, Noida, Faridabad, or Dwarka, you can easily reach there through the metro.


Apart from that, a Rapid Metro service is also available, which connects the city from inside. Moreover, since the Indira Gandhi International Airport is very near, it offers exquisite connectivity to international companies which often have to attend or meet their international customers or clients.

Better investment; better ROI

Gurgaon is preferred as the best choice for investment in the realty market. This is because whether commercial or residential, investing in a property in Gurgaon can yield higher returns. Moreover, since it is an excellent industrial and financial hub of India, there is no denying that buying a property is a dream of many real estate investors.

High-end facilities and top-notch lifestyle

Gone are the days when Gurgaon was considered an agricultural village. From many commercial and residential projects coming from time to time, it has become the leading luxury destination. Gurgaon is revolving rapidly with new hospitals, malls, apartments, and whatnot. Whether it is a luxurious apartment or affordable 1 BHK for a tighter budget, Gurgaon offers you everything that suits everyone.


In the future, several international developers are expected to bring projects like shopping centers, multi-complex, special economic centers, 5-star hotels, and luxurious residential apartments.

Best areas where you can consider buying a home in Gurgaon

In a nutshell, there are numerous future developments both in the commercial and the residential sector of Gurgaon. All these things are sufficient to make Gurgaon a perfect place to live and invest in future projects. So, if you plan to jot down some home-buying destinations or localities, here is a list of all the localities you can consider buying a home in.

1. Sector 52- Gurgaon

Compared to other established areas of this region, the main advantage of this location is that it is a relatively affordable property. Its connectivity to Golf Course Road and Sohna Road makes it a desirable place for investors and residents who wish to buy a house. In addition, the existence of many residential colonies in Sector 52- Gurgaon has given way to growth, making it an ideal destination for families.


In Sector 52- Gurgaon the average property prices are Rs—7,032 PER SQ FT.


2. Sector 57- Gurgaon

It is another favorite area for end users working in Gurgaon. The Faridabad-Gurgaon road and 55-56 station Gurgaon are more convenient from this sector. There are many separate floor options and multi-storeyed buildings available for rent in sector 57 Gurgaon.


In sector 57, the average property prices are around Rs 8,667 per sq ft, while the rent ranges from Rs 25,000-30,000 per month.


3. Sector 48- Gurgaon

One of the significant Gurgaon real estate corridors, Sohna road and sector 48 Gurgaon, has drawn many investments from end-users and investors. Various residential buildings in the surrounding region offer villas that are among the main sights of attractions of this area. However, there few luxury projects, huge flats, and branded residences, offering spacious apartments and residences.


The average property prices of this region are around Rs 8,562 per sq ft while the rent ranges from Rs. 40,000- 48,000.



4. Sector 51- Gurgaon

One of the nicest residential colonies in Gurgaon, Sector 51 is the prime location for end-users and rentals. The region offers all amenities like shopping complexes, malls, and connectivity via broad roads. It is also near Udyog Vihar, which comprises a lot of employment hubs.

The average property prices of this region are Rs. 7,949 per sq ft while the rent ranges from Rs. 25,000 to 30,000.


The millennial city of India, Gurgaon, is the employment hub of the country. It has many upscale properties and residential areas. Besides that, there are many opportunities that the city has to offer in terms of employment, lifestyle, and education which make it an excellent place to live.

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