Will The Future Of Real Estate In India Become Bright Till 2030 ?

3 Reasons Why The Future Of Real Estate In India Is Bright in 2021-2030

Future of Real Estate in India: According to the experts of Real Estate opinion, the Real Estate of India will touch the Economy value of 1 Trillion Dollars in 2030.

In 2017, it was moving around $120 Billion and by 2025 it will touch the value of $650 Billion. And this growth will not stop here; it will get increasing and increasing day by day and year by year.

Below is the Graphical Information.

Will The Future Of Real Estate In India Become Bright Till 2030

The Market of Real Estate is growing day by day, not even day by day, it is increasing by the moment by moment.

This is the golden time to invest in real estate because of the Corona Duration and in future, the rate of the open land will touch the sky according to the real estate experts opinion.

So, finally, the future of real estate in India is very bright in upcoming time.

But... But... But...

Only by telling by me, the real estate future in India does not become bright, there are many aspects and results from which we can conclude that India has a bright real estate future.

Why The Current Time is The Best Time to Invest in Real Estate?

You all know that the Covid-19 has impacted all the business industries and the Real Estate is also not excluded from it.

For a very less time, the real estate has slowed down for a while, so same as the share market strategy, if you invest now, it will return you more than double in future.

Because, the original value of assets has not been down, but due to the purchase power of a man has decreased, the seller are forced to sell the assets in the low rate.

But as long as, the economic environment will start becoming stable, the value of real estate assets will reach its original pick.

And here you will get the very huge returns and benefits.

Why The Future of Real Estate in India is Bright?

In this article, we are going to explore how right and powerful the projection of $1 Trillion for the real estate future in India and how many opportunities it will be carrying for us in the upcoming time.

As I mentioned earlier, due to the impact of Covid - 19, the real estate market has got slowed, but Indian Real Estate Market is going to be the World's 3rd largest Real Estate Market till 2030.

Currently India is on the position of 5th.

Future Of Real Estate In India

In the research of KPMG in 2018, they found the Real Estate Market of India is growing very fast since 2014 especially in the spaces of Affordable Housing, Co-Working, and Co-Living.

And according to this survey, they concluded that the future of real estate in India is too much bright which will touch the $650 Billion in 2025, $850 Billion in 2028 and $1 Trillion in 2030.

Confidence Increased of People After Coming RERA

After coming the RERA-Real Estate Regulatory Authority people started to invest in real estate more and more because after coming to RERA, the chances of fraud became almost Zero.

Now the people were not scaring before investing in real estate due to the fraud cases.

Only Purchase does not make industry hiked, sellers are also included to grow the industry.

Due to the people are buying real estate assets without hesitations, developers are also in benefit and can sell more properties and their inventory is reducing.

They can sell more properties and can deliver time to time and due to this, their business is growing smoothly and quickly.

Growth of Office Sector along with Residential Sector

The growth of Office Sector is hiking along with the Residential Sector due to increasing employments in India and which effects directly on the real estate sector.

The commercial Office Leasing has reached up to 70 Million Square Feet with continuous growth of 27 % per year.

Due to increasing the shipping business, vegetables and online business, the requirements of the ware house is demanding more and more day by day.

And as a result of this, the warehouses spaces have reached to the 2,470 Lakh square feet till 2020.

Last but not the least, there is an unbelievable growth in the retail business and hospital sector.

After researching all these aspects, our researchers have concluded that the CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) is increasing by 19.5% every year, which is 13% of Economical contribution.

And now after analyzing all this modules and current conversion of the situations, our researcher is damn sure that Indian Real Estate Industry will touch the $1,000 till 2030.

The Incredible Investments

Business runs on the three major pillars.

  • Investment
  • Development
  • Return

The investment in the Retailing and other businesses is increasing amazingly and there was a new investment of $6.26 Billion in 2019.

As far as the people will start a new business, they need the space to manage that business.

As investment will hike in real estate, developers will get very ease to develop the market with a smooth and proper flow.

Development Sector

Hence only investment does not make the market strong or profitable, if money is coming from somewhere; it is supposed to be managed well with the development as well.

And fortunately, India is going in a very right direction which causes the bright future of real estate in India,

Yes, due to the incredible development, real estate future in India is becoming brighter and that's the sign that you can invest in real estate without any hesitance.

There are 100 new shopping malls are going to be opened till 2022 from which the 69 malls will be opened in top 7 cities of India.

Government has approved the application of development of TCS and DLF in Haryana and because of that the IT sector is growing too fast.

The PURAVANKARA LTD. is going to invest $850 Crores in upcoming 4 years to build the Ultra Luxury Residential properties.

Government is Contributing by its support

As we saw in this article, the government is approving so many development projects by the companies and also in some project government is providing the subsidy as well.

And you know, if government itself taking an interest and investing in any sector that means that sector has the bright future.

Government has approved the project of making 100 smart cities in India, and one this is very well known, that government is making the very advanced houses in Pradhanmantri Awas Yojna as well.

You might yet to come to know that the recently the project of making 1.12 Crores PMWY has been approved by the Indian Government.

So this is a very open green signal of the bright future of real estate in India in upcoming years.


As a conclusion, we can say that investing in the real estate in India is very safe for now, and even I would say rather that this is the best time to invest in the real estate market because of Covid 19 duration.

During the current period, people are not investing due to the personal future planning and you can take a huge advantage of the shortage of purchase power of others.

So, you can firmly believe that Indian Real Estate has a very bright future.

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