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GVMC Property Tax

Before knowing what exactly GVMC property tax is, let us discuss GVMC.


GVMC is the acronym of Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation.


Now, what exactly is GVMC Property tax?


GVMC Property tax and water tax are the taxes that citizens of Visakhapatnam need to pay to the corporate body. Why? Because In Visakhapatnam, GVMC is the one that offers facilities like water availability, garbage clearance, and many other such facilities to the citizens of that place.


This paragraph clarifies that Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation is a corporate body of Visakhapatnam that looks after the administrative operations of Visakhapatnam. The word more excellent is there in the full form of GVMC. Well, this administrative body covers an area of a total of 540 sq km. Not bad exactly. GVMC indeed covers enough space for Visakhapatnam for the proper administration of those places.


Yes, in this article, we are going to discuss the GVMC Property tax. But wait? Do not think that GVMC demands only property tax for the services it provides. Instead, the citizens of Visakhapatnam need to provide all the possible taxes for the services they enjoy.


In this article, you will get to know in detail the process of GVMC Property tax payment. You may question whether online or offline submission. Well, all the questions regarding GVMC online tax payments have been resolved below:


GVMC Property Tax: All sought details are as under:


If you are a Property taxpayer of Visakhapatnam or even any other place, you must have proper clarification regarding details of property tax payment.


Here we are discussing Visakhapatnam, so it is your right to be well informed about GVMC Property tax online payment details. Yes, friends, only online mode is allowed for GVMC Property tax pay.


No doubt, the rules for payment of taxes vary from state and city. Likewise, Visakhapatnam has its method of GVMC Property Tax online payment. Remember to know in advance the pattern of payment, filing process, and other necessary Property tax payment-related information.


Important things to Keep in mind


1. In the case of Property tax payment, you need to have a clear idea that your property comes under the municipal corporation. Why municipal corporations? Because property tax of any state or city is paid to only municipal corporations. In the case of Visakhapatnam, GVMC is the municipal body that accepts GVMC property tax payments.


2.You may claim that one city cannot have more than one municipal corporation. Well, it is ultimately a wrong concept. Because a city can have multiple municipal corporations, it is better to search for the same before entering into GVMC Property tax online payment.



Essential question: Do you know the calculation process of GVMC Property tax payment?


There is an official website available online for calculation purposes of your property tax amount. Do not panic about the process. You just need to keep details regarding property and ownership ready with you. Just access the website. And put the information as and when asked.


It is always preferable to calculate the GVMC property tax online payment amount in advance. It will also help you to remain ready with the finances to pay on time.


This process we discussed right now is for payment clarification purposes of payers.


Now the question is, how does GVMC calculate the property tax of payers?


There is no specific mode of calculation in all states and cities. India has three different ways of calculating property tax. As we are talking about Andhra Pradesh, let us focus on their method of calculation only. You will have to be well informed about the rent if your property is on rent because the municipal corporation calculates your GVMC based on the rentable value of the property.


Now the tax you need to pay depends on the rentable value of the property. If the rent is high, you need to make a higher GVMC property tax online payment and vice versa.

● GVMC TAX Essential information right here:


You may think that what will happen if your property is not a rented one? Do not worry as there is no need to mandatorily rent your property. But an assumption/research will work here. If you would have rented your property, how much would have been your gain? The GVMC property tax is calculated based on that research. While the calculation of rent, location, and other facilities are also taken into account.


Now is the time to know the process of GVMC Property tax payment.


Till now, it is clear that payers can make the GVMC Property tax payments online. But many people are unable to understand online proceedings or handle technicalities. So if you fall in this category, do not worry because there is a facility for offline GVMC Property tax payment.


●    GVMC Property tax online payment method


There is an official website of GVMC for GVMC property tax online payment, i.e.,

After opening the website, you will be asked the assessment number you want to make the GVMC Property tax payment. Then the online property tax bill will get displayed on the screen. Go on filling in the relevant information as and when needed. Then the time will come when you need to make the payment.


Do you want to make the GVMC Property tax online payment by debit card or credit card? Both are possible. You can even proceed with the payment through net banking if comfortable with it. Even Paytm facility is available in case of online GVMC Property tax payment.


Things not to ignore


1.You must have checked that your KYC is verified, and


2.The payment mode is active, not expired.


● Offline GVMC Property tax Pay


Just sit at home and once the property tax bill is ready, receive it by post. Or, if you want to pick it up on your own, visit the office of GVMC. Once you have received the property tax bill, fill in the relevant information and submit the same with the payment to the officials of GVMC.


If you want to save travel time and money, GVMC Property tax online payment is ideal. Particularly in GVMC Property tax online payment, if you make any delay, it will be considered a defaulter, and other processes will become more complex. More documents you will need to submit and clear dues along with fines.


Remember not to return without an e-receipt after the online GVMC Property tax payment is made. It is crucial to collect for future requirements.


If you are planning to make the payment on the last day of payment, you can. But in that case, you cannot make an online self-assessment one day before the last day of payment because it gets closed by that time.


Is it possible to check GVMC Property tax online payment status


Yes, it is not only possible but imperative to keep a check on GVMC Property tax online payment status.


 GVMC PROPERTY TAX FULL FORM IN HINDI- ग्रेटर विशाखापत्तनम नगर निगम संपत्ति टैक्स

Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation  Official website: https://www.gvmc.gov.in/

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